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Iowa Company Makes Westby Home Base
The Westby Border News, April 29, 2013, Volume 8 - Issue 159

What better place for two young Iowa farm boys to place their business headquarters than on Main Street, Westby? Farm boys, who not only saw the potential in oil country, but had the drive, work ethic and enough knowledge in the field to build their business; a very successful business in just over two years.

It all started in September of 2010 when Phil Swanson, who worked in the oil industry, called his brother back home and said, "If you can get out here, there is all kinds of work to be had." It didn't take long for brother Jeremy to show up in Lignite, North Dakota, with one truck in tow.

Once there, it was obvious Phil knew what he was talking about, Jeremy saw the needs, the wheels started turning, and "Triple S" was born. Fast forward to February 2012 and the Swanson Brothers (Phil had joined the business venture) had expanded enough they needed a shop and more space for equipment. Westby, Montana, was the closest place they could find that fit the bill and with a price tag they could afford. Triple S set up shop in the Nordhagen building on the east edge of town.

This allowed for truck parking and placement of other equipment on the land south across the road. Triple S had six employees when they first appeared on the scene in Westby. A year later Triple S bough the Main Street building owned by Monson Corporation (former site of Ford Garage and Crystal Bar) and moved to their new location. Triple S is 24/7, 365 day a year, 911 business for the oil industry. In other words, they are ready at the drop of a hat with almost any oilfield related need. The nature of the business is everything from trucking to cleaning and construction. They also have a wide variety of rental equipment. Triple S currently employs 26 people including two bookkeepers in Iowa. They have recently added a full time mechanic.

The employees, who on average are 800 miles from home, rotate out every 20 days. Generally 14 are on hand on any given day working 20 on and 10 off. Most hail from Iowa and Washington with the closest being from Billings.

In regards to housing, the company was fortunate the Monson building housed 6 apartments and the trailer homes east of the building also came with the sale. This has allowed adequate housing needs for the employees thus far.

Owner Jeremy Swanson speaking for Triple S has expressed their desire as a company to become part of the community. Although they keep crazy and long hours, the brothers would like the public to know they are here to help in any way they can, whenever they can. Right now, this is their community, too. The company hopes to hold an open house sometime this summer. Construction was recently completed on four new offices in the building and Triple S would like to share their efforts with the public and show them just what the business is all about.

One thing the public may not be aware of it the equipment-loaders, skid steers, lights, to name a few- is available for rent to anyone at any time. Also, the company mechanic is available to work on outside vehicles and equipment once their own service work is complete.

To even further establish their presence in Westby, Triple S is looking for 20-40 acres of land in close proximity to Westby to handle the large trucks and equipment the company deals with. Jeremy may be reached at 701-580-9711 or drop in at their Main Street location.