Oilfield Supplies

Pipe screens, API rings, Saver subs, Custom crossover subs, Casing swedges, Float valves, Ditch magnets, and more. All in stock and ready to deliver! If we don't have it, we will get it for you - call us today with your needs!

Float Valves

Our float valves provide positive and instantaneous shut off against high and low pressure, assuring continuous control of fluid flow during drilling.

Drill Pipe Screens

Drill Pipe Screens are the first line of defense in ensuring the drilling fluids integrity. These simple but effective filters are positioned within the top stand of drill pipe. They never go below the rig floor - this allows for easy and often cleanout.

Ditch Magnets

The Ditch Magnet is the best available and most effective means of trapping and removing metal particles from the drilling mud that the shale shaker will not get. This unit will capture all metals having magnetic attraction and hold them until they can be removed from the mud stream.

API Rings

Casing Swedges

Variety of Hose Fittings

We have a wide variety of hose fittings and accessories.